Ivi Ryo +

Ivi Ryo + demonstrates that we are all about beauty plus more. We believe that we are all connected. The good that we do for one another will benefits the community that has helped us grow.

Just as Ivi Ryo aims to better the community by upholding a level of integrity in creating its products, we want to better the community by giving certain individuals a better education. This rooted in our core value of caring for the community we live in.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide complete and quality education to select individuals from various schools. We seek to give them long-term assistance, tracking their progress for a more personal relationship with those we help.

Now, we have privilege of partnering with one of the country's best: Philippine Science High School. Twelve young ladies and gentlemen, who have shown us their skills and determination, will be given full scholarships throughout their high school education.